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Introduction to clap.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Clap is Kochi based production house and celebrity/ Influencer marketing platform.

Our platform connects celebrities/influencers with products and brands for Social media marketing, Photoshoots, Reviews and more. We are associated with leading celebrities from Malayalam movie industry.

Here's how we do it

CLAP helps Celebrities/ Influencers with Content Creation, Production, Brand Collaboration, Strategizing, Personal Branding, Campaign Design, Campaign Analysis and Execution.

We have onboarded leading Photographers, Stylists, Make-up Artists who will help to create quality content.

How it works for Brand

You don’t need just any influencers. You need the right influencers. CLAP helps you find and connect with people who walk the same walk as your brand.

What we offer : -

Make a Wish - Customer and B2B

Digital Brand Ambassador

Brand Endorsements

Verified Profile


Build your Own Brand


Personal Relationship Manager

Make a wish

CLAP helps to get personalized wishes and greetings from your favorite celebrities and make your loved ones special moment's beautiful.

Personalized celebrity wish

Video messages

Direct/ Text messages

Video calls

Video shout outs

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