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Influencer Marketing Guide: How to find the right influencer for your Brand.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

To start an effective influencer marketing campaign CLAP helps you to find and connect with influencer who walk the same walk as your brand. The magic is effective campaign and the right Influencer.

Campaign done for Paris De Boutique Kochi

Paris De Boutique is a designer boutique chain in Kerala which makes Customized costumes, well known for Celebrity Costume Designing, Bridal wear, Wedding gowns, Designer outfits etc. They used our network of creators to showcase their products in creators’ day-to-day life. Paris De Boutique used influencer marketing as their key channel to acquire paid customers and saw a uplift on their sales. They also used all the content to make their social media presence relevant and more human.


CREATORS - 01 | CONTENT - 01 | FOLLOWERS - 779k |

LIKES - 34184 | COMMENTS - 153

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